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This knowledge series from LESER ENGINEERING is designed to provide you with information on almost every aspect of the Safety Valve. It is designed for both the occasional user as well as the advanced user. Learn interesting facts and information on Safety Valves.

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In 1679 Denis Papin developed a pressure cooker using pressurized steam. During the first demonstration in front of the Royal Society this pressure cooker exploded. Only after Papin invented the first safety valve his pressure cooker operated safely and in 1681 he achieved a patent on this design. The invention of the steam engine and the growing use of steam boilers for steam supply during industrialization lead to the necessity to protect life and property from explosions. The early and simple safety valves used a weight to hold the pressure of the steam, however, they were easily tampered with or accidentally released.

In 1856 John Ramsbottom invented a tamperproof spring loaded safety valve which became universal on railways and later on stationary installations.

Only 30 years later in 1885 LESER presented its first safety valve and since then remains the safety valve manufacturer with the longest history. Spring loaded safety valves are still the most commonly used type of safety valve. Pilot operated safety valves and controlled safety valves were developed in the second half of the last century mainly to increase the operating pressure and improve the efficiency of the protected equipment. Then followed designs for specific applications, like aggressive chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

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