FERTILIZER ACADEMY New course: Introduction To Urea Plant Operational Aspects

This training course will discuss the operating and control philosophy of Stamicarbon and Snamprogetti urea plants. Of each plant section [...]

We welcome our latest Expert: Maksym Selianynov. Maksym is a great urea expert with a long term experience in the [...]

Stay Updated with Industry Knowledge The fertilizer industry is subject to evolving regulations, technological advancements, and market trends. Fertilizer Academy’s [...]

In the Fertilizer International magazine of March-April 2024, UreaKnowHow.com examines the major shifts in global urea production. they also discuss [...]

Introduction: On July 15, 2009, a transfer hose ruptured while transferring anhydrous ammonia from a cargo tank truck to a [...]

Firefighters put out the fire at the xxx plant, said xxx. According to him, the fire broke out in the [...]

Two new Urea Training Modules have been added to the portfolio of the Fertilizer Academy. These are: Introduction to Urea [...]

We focus on the solution. MPC² is the specialized Austrian engineering office for innovative corrosion tests, both in the laboratory [...]




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