Yara has joined FIORDA as the Founder Member

We are pleased to announce that Yara has recently joined FIORDA as the founder member and key contributor to fertilizer industry process safety. FIORDA is the Fertilizer Industry Operational Risks Database, a database for fertilizer manufacturers developed by AmmoniaKnowHow.com and UreaKnowHow.com teams with the mission is to improve safety and reliability performance of fertilizer plants by collecting and exchanging process safety data among the participating companies. As one of the leading companies in promoting safety in the fertilizer industry, Yara will share their experience and will contribute with case studies in developing the process safety knowledge supporting safety in operation and plant integrity. FIORDA is an initiative open to all fertilizer manufacturers willing to join their efforts and contribute to safer and reliable operation of nitrogen fertilizer plants. More information about FIORDA membership are available here. For additional information, you can contact Dan Cojocaru (dan.cojocaru@ammoniaknowhow.com) or Mark Brouwer (mark.brouwer@ureaknowhow.com).

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