World Record on-stream time for SKW Piesteritz GmbH HP CO2 strippers with Sandvik 2RE69 tubes


SKW Piesteritz has achieved a world record on-stream time for the strippers in their CO2 stripping urea plants. The record currently stands at 35 years for a HP CO2 stripper with Sandvik 2RE69 tubes, but is likely to be 36 years when the stripper is scheduled to be replaced in 2011. This outstanding performance can be attributed to many factors including high quality tubing and great care in the fabrication and operation of the plant. The Sandvik 2RE69 was developed in the early 1970s and this material meant a revolution to the urea industry as this material was considerable better than the 316L Urea Grade. The Sandvik 2RE69 was not only stronger but also had better corrosion resistance properties and was able to withstand the harsh conditions in a HP stripper. It is even more amazing to realize that such a young new material could realize a world record on stream time. Find more background information in our Technical Paper distributed January 1, 2011: 2011 01  Brouwer World Record on-stream time for SKW CO2 HP stripper.pdf

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