Why the proprietary CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM is a “simply better” carbon-capture technology?

Why the proprietary CO2 Solutions by Saipem is a “simply better” carbon-capture technology?
➝ The stable and non-volatile solvent neither requires nor generates toxic products, eliminating environmental risks. It uses an enzyme to speed-up carbon capture, a molecule used by all life forms to sustain life, which is non-toxic by nature.
➝ The catalyzed solvent is regenerated at a low temperature, without steam, thus minimizing energy penalties on the host site and reducing carbon capture energy costs.
➝ The technology eliminates flue gas polishing, interstage cooling, aerosol containment and reclaiming operations. With less equipment required, it gives lower capital, operational and maintenance costs.
➝ The process uses only standard gas treating equipment, already designed and operated in numerous applications at industrial scale.
➝ The simple process scheme yields easy operation requiring minimal human intervention.

This innovative technology helps companies better monetize their industrial processes, all while reducing their environmental footprint.

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