Become a Real Urea Master! now introduces a 3-Day UreaKnowHow Master Class. This 3-Day UreaKnowHow Master Class is a follow-up training of the 5-Day Urea Training for Managers, Engineers and Supervisors. With more than 800 participants in more than 20 sessions, the 5-Day Urea Training Program has been a big success, showing the industry’s wish to continuously improve itself. The 3-Day UreaKnowHow Master Class composes of a set of Workshops of real-life critical topics, valid in any urea plant. Active participation and applying the know-how gained earlier are assuring you to Become a Real Urea Master!

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UreaKnowHow is an independent group of nitrogen fertilizer specialists with an impressive number of years experience in designing, maintaining and operating nitrogen fertilizer plants.

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