We reached 6000 Members!

UreaKnowHow.com has reached a new milestone of 6.000 Members this month. Together with our Chinese sister website UreaNet.cn our network includes 12.000 Members representing All Nitrogen Fertilizer Plants in the world in operation and under construction. This makes us the largest independent network in the Nitrogen fertilizer Industry and we are still growing. Special thanks goes to …

our ten most active Members: Prem Baboo of Dangote Fertilizer, Norozipour of KHPC, Mohamed Farooq of Safco, Majid Mohammadian of OCI, Muhammad Adnan Hanif of FFC, Girish Prakash of Yara, Muhamed Kashif Naseem of Safco, Mr. Selim of AlexFert, Salam Malih of North Fertilizer and Syed Ali Salman of Agritech.

We thank all our Members and Sponsors for their great support and valuable contribution to realise this significant milestone.

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