We are at 2500 Round Table discussions!

UreaKnowHow.com has reached the impressive milestone of 2500 Round Table discussions. 2500 active Round Table discussion with totally more than 10500 posts or an average of 4-5 posts per discussion and 2-3 new posts per day. This means everybody who posts a question, for sure will get a reply! … making the UreaKnowHow.com Round Tables a very valuable information source and place to share experiences.

Besides of course urea plant related Round Table discussions, we also facilitate Round Table  discussions related to  Urea-Ammonium-Nitrate (including an Incident Database), Nitric Acid, NPK, Melamine, Fertilizers (multi-nutrient, carbon footprint, enhanced efficiency, environmental aspects), Ammonia including Green Ammonia & Electrolyzers and Blue Ammonia and CCUS.

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