UreaKnowHow.com welcomes Uhde HPT as our new Sponsor

Uhde High Pressure Technologies has become a leading supplier for the fertilizer industry due to decades of experience gained since its incorporation in 1930. The co-operation with all important licensors, namely Stamicarbon, Saipem, HQCEC, Toyo Engineering Corporation and Urea Casale, as well as major supplies for world-scale plants commissioned by all prominent contractors like Ferrostaal, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, KBR, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Saipem and Uhde are presenting the platform to serve the plant owners worldwide during the life-cycle of the plant in the best manner.
Uhde High Pressure Technologies is designing, fabricating and supplying valves and fittings for the high pressure synthesis section of fertiliser plants. Furthermore, prefabricated piping in form of high precision isometrics or spools can facilitate quick and easy assembly on-site. Thus, erection schedules and down-time during revamps will be shortened and the quality of welding and installation of pipework is improved.

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