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Established in 1954 in the north of Italy, La Meccanica Padana specializes in manufacturing forged and machined pieces for the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors, in particular for urea plants.

LMP can produce the following pieces: Gaskets, Nozzles, Weldolets, nipolets, threadolets, other forged pieces (standard or according to drawings), Carbamate mixers etc

Material grades: UREA grades 25.22.2 and 316L Modified, Titanium, duplex, etc

We supply the material according to your specifications, with all tests required (corrosion tests, Liquid penetrant,  ultrasonic,…). We are a Saipem approved vendor and work also according to other specifications from well-known licensors such as Stamicarbon, Urea Casale, Tecnimont, Toyo, etc.

La Meccanica Padana can deliver small quantities for maintenance as well as complete requirements for new plants or revamp projects. Product quality and on-time delivery are our main targets.

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