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The introduction of Kimre™ high-performance, interlaced media structure revolutionized the technology of process fluid separation and air pollution control.
This unique, innovative concept is far superior to the conventional scrubber and tower packing material, chevrons, knitted mesh pads used for mass and heat transfer and particulate removal and mist elimination.
As a result, industries around the world have increased product recovery, reduced energy and maintenance costs, and reduced emissions to comply with ever more stringent air and water pollution control standards.
The Kimre media is simple, yet surprisingly effective. It is best described as a uniquely interlaced mesh structure with ladder-like arrangement of thermoplastic filaments of varying diameter. Different filament diameters yield a variety of media styles ranging from fine to coarse. The different media styles are manufactured into layers and assembled into KON-TANE® Packing Pads when designed to maximize the mass transfer of contaminants and dust from gas into water or solutions and B-GON® Mist Eliminator Pads when designed to capture and remove entrained mist droplets.
The pads are designed using the most suitable media styles on a project-by-project basis to optimize effectiveness and range of particle and mist removal. The pads also feature a long, trouble-free service life due to the non-clogging interlaced structure of the media. A variety of thermoplastic filament materials allows for continuous service up to 400° F (204° C). 
The unique media structure is what ensures the superior performance KON-TANE® and B-GON® media and the main reason Kimre has been able to successfully retrofit and improve the performance of a number of fertilizer emission control systems.
Fertilizer References
Kimre™ high-performance meshes are successfully implemented in NPK and Phosphoric acid plants as well as in many wet dust scrubbers for urea and ammonium nitrate prill towers and granulation plants. Kimre™ high-performance mesh revamping of existing wet dust scrubbers is an opportunity to increase capacity, lower pressure drop and thus energy consumption and improve the efficiency.
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