UreaKnowHow.com welcomes Inlibra as our new Sponsor


Inlibra Software Solutions Corp. is a vendor of mass balance software for process plants that can assist your urea plant in validating and improving your flow measurements. Inlibra Suite Data Reconciliation has been successfully implemented in one of the world’s largest urea producers (FertiNitro) with benefits in the areas of plant maintenance, financial reporting, finding sources of loss, and process tuning.

Inlibra Suite’s Data Reconciliation uses the redundancy of the measurements in your plant to statistically reconcile the in-flows and out-flows of each area of your plant, as well as the entire plant, to ensure that the numbers used for final reporting balance correctly. 100% return on investment is on the order of months, not years.

In addition, Inlibra has developed the Inlibra Stockpile Tracker software for tracking the volume and mass of a stockpile of granulated urea using real-time instrumentation. Stockpile Tracker is a web-based application that lets your staff see the shape of the urea pile in real time and calculate the mass of all or part of the mound.

Inlibra is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with representative offices in South Korea, China, and the US. You can see how Inlibra Suite works by viewing the videos on our website.

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