UreaKnowHow.com welcomes GEMACO as our new Sponsor



We are pleased to introduce GEMACO as one of the most important supplier and stockholder.

We currently supply chemical & fertilizers industries (ABU QIR, AMI, BASF, DSM, ENGRO, FERTIL, GPN, HITACHI, PCS, SKW, YARA…) directly or through engineering companies (SNAMPROGETTI, UREA CASALE…) and sub-contractors.

Our complete programme (permanent stock) includes pipes, heat exchanger, stripper & condenser tubes, fittings, flanges, forgings, bars, plates (as well as slabs ready to be processed on very short notice) and special shapes, most particularly in:

> UREA GRADES: 316 L UG (1.4435-1.4406-1.4429)
     25.22.2 – UNS S 31050 (1.4466)
> NITRIC GRADES: URANUS S 1® or ANTINIT A 610® (1.4361)
   URANUS 65® or 310 L (1.4335)

We are experts in bringing fast and efficient solutions to very demanding cases such as:

> Heavy wall thickness
> Tailor made products such as bendings, isometrics, …
> Very short manufacturing or delivery times, emergencies
> Comprehensive packages with mill prices

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