UreaKnowHow.com welcomes CSI as our new Sponsor

Controls Southeast, Inc. (CSI) is an engineered thermal solutions company that designs and develops heated piping systems for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, and Process industries.  In the Urea process, CSI engineers solutions to meet the thermal objectives in Urea Melt Lines and Carbamate Gas Lines, as well as the Evaporator and Urea Solution Storage Tanks. In doing so, CSI considers all process variables, including: process material, flow velocity, specific heat, pipe material, environment, convection coefficients, and many other factors. Using the latest Finite Element and Computational Fluid Dynamic modeling technology, CSI designs and develops application-specific solutions that deliver technological fit, commercial fit, and guaranteed thermal performance. 

CSI’s unique thermal solutions include: ControTrace® bolt-on jacketing and panels, ControHeat® valve & instrumentation jacketing, HΔT® tracing for high-delta T applications, Jacketed Piping, Process Piping, and Specialty Fabrication.

CSI welcomes the opportunity to engineer an effective solution to your toughest thermal-maintenance challenges. 

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