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The history of our company is a family history. This history began in the 1930s. Paul Bungartz thought intensively about frictionless centrifugal shaft sealing, and in doing so hit upon groundbreaking ideas. Due to the fact that these ideas permanently solved several pumping problems, he had them patented. The first special pumps were then produced in Magdeburg: the „Mackensen Special Centrifugal Pumps according to the patents of Paul Bungartz“. In 1947, Mr Bungartz founded the company that is today known as Paul Bungartz GmbH &Co. KG. In 1987, his son Jürgen assumed control of the company. And it remains in family hands: Since January 2006 his son Frank Bungartz has been in control of the business, hence we are already in the third generation. From the very start, Bungartz special centrifugal pumps were safe to run dry and were used for tasks where conventional pumps failed. To date, nothing has changed in this respect. 

We regard ourselves as suppliers of solutions. Nowadays, difficult and complex feed tasks appear in nearly all branches of the fertilizer, chemical and petrochemical industry, in power plant technology and in environmental protection. Here innovative, tailor-made and robust answers are in demand. The Bungartz special centrifugal pumps for extreme assignments undertake those jobs, which are too demanding for others. They are applied to problems, which defeat standard pumps. 

– Shaft seals 
– Poor feed conditions 
– Challenging pumping media 
– Gas containing liquids 
– Liquids close to boiling point 
– Corrosive and / or abrasive pumping media

Bungartz pumps are many times successfully applied in urea (amongst others urea melt service), ammonium nitrate (amongst others AN melt service) and Phosphoric acid plants.
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