UreaKnowHow.com welcomes Boreal as our Sponsor



Boreal Laser of Canada is a leading manufacturer and innovator of laser based gas detectors and analyzers. Working with many of the largest industrial users and best research organizations in the world, Boreal’s GasFinder technology has been proven in numerous safety, environmental and process control applications. Boreal products are robust, reliable and low maintenance and are often used in safety critical applications. With hundreds of installations in over 40 countries worldwide, Boreal Laser is recognized as the industry leader in open path laser gas detection. 

Applications in nitrogen fertilizer industry are:

Safety and Leak Detection 

* Sour Gas production and processing (H2S/CO2) 

* Natural gas production and processing (CH4) 

* Natural gas pipelines and transportation (CH4) 

* Nitrogen plants, fertilizer manufacture (NH3)

* Compressor and high pressure pumps (NH3)

* NH3 loading stations and shipments (NH3)


* Agricultural CH4 and NH3 emissions 

* Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction verification (CH4, CO2) 

* Stack monitoring of prilling tower and granulation section (NH3, urea dust) 

* Carbon Capture and Storage (CO2) 

* Facility fence line monitoring (NH3)


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