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Please find here our complete list of Technical Papers issued in 2010 (all are available in our E-Library):

2010 01 Brouwer Forms of Urea & Background of Caking
2010 01 Notten NTT Consultancy Atmospheric Corrosion Cases Ammonia & Urea Plants
2010 02 Brouwer Dust Emission of Prilling Towers
2010 02 Simml BHDT BHDT Installation Services at YARA Canada’s Urea Plant
2010 03 Notten NTT Consultancy Atmospheric Nitrate SCC in synloop ammonia plant
2010 03 Baeder SPS Rotoformer Pastilles the Sustainable Premium product
2010 04 Notten NTT Consultancy Severe Nitrate Stress Corrosion Cracking in a HP reactor in of a urea plant
2010 04 Baeder SPS Rotoformer applications
2010 05 Esmaeilzadeh RPC Purge Gas Recovery in Ammonia Plants
2010 05 Lan A direct urea fuel cell – Power from fertilizer and waste
2010 06 Notten NTT Consultancy Catastrophic Failure supply lines Molecular sieves
2010 06 Ranjbar PPC Vibrations HP stripper bottom outlet line
2010 07 Brouwer Revamping Urea Plants
2010 07 Notten NTT Consultancy Failure Urea Reactor external nitrate SCC
2010 08 Ni Ningxia Vacuum Pressure problems in the Evaporation section
2010 08 Notten NTT Consultancy Electrochemistry – Thermodynamics
2010 09 Ren Lanhua Stripper Efficiency problems
2010 09 Hanif FFC HP Carbamate Pumps Damage Failure Report
2010 10 Brouwer World Scale Urea Plants
2010 10 Notten NTT Consultancy Corrosion Phenomena HP Piping part 1of2
2010 11 Notten NTT Consultancy Corrosion Phenomena HP Piping part 2of2
2010 11 Maschmeyer Inlibra Stockpile Tracker
2010 12 Denis Gemaco Gemaco services
2010 12 Yun Qinghai HP scrubber Operational Experiences

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