UreaKnowHow.com Round Tables: 200 topics under discussion

Since the start up in March 2009, now 200 different topics are under discussion in the UreaKnowHow.com Round Tables. These 200 topics consist of 952 posts, which means an average of nearly 5 posts per topic and nearly 2 posts each day.
Nearly 80% (157) of the topics are urea related and of these 157 topics more than 40% are related to Process & Operational issues, 20% are related to Mechanical & Maintenance, 15% to Instrumentation & Analytical and another 15% to Product Quality. Finally 5% are related to Safety, Health & Environmental and 3% to other topics.

The most popular topics, with more than 10 replies, are:

– Stripping process (with a record number of 324 views)
– How to optimize the N/C ratio in a Snamprogetti plant ?
– High CO2 at outlet of HP stripper
– Urea Plant Process Condensate Quality
– On stream times HP pumps
– Corrosion of end tubes HP scrubber
– CO2 compression system
– Prill Buckets
– Plant load & Biuret content in final product
– Bulk flow cooler for granulation units
– Ammonia reservoir in urea plants
– PSV’s at discharge NH3 pumps
– Ammonia & Dust emission

We like to thank all Members for their active participation and kindly invite everybody to share their experiences in the Round Tables in order to improve the safety and performance of all urea plants worldwide.

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