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UreaKnowHow.com Round Tables offer solutions to currently already nearly 600 Operational and Maintenance problems. As an average each topic has received more than five replies and each day two new contributions are added to the discussions.
We like to thank all participants for their valuable contributions but we like to thank especially the following four Expert – Members:
– Mr. MAJID MOHAMMADIAN of OCI Nitrogen in the Netherlands
– Mr. MUHAMMAD ADNAN HANIF of Fauji Fertilizer in Pakistan
– Mr. MUHAMMAD KASHIF NASEEM of Safco in Saudi Arabia and
– Mr. MUHAMMAD FAROOQ of Agritech (formerly Pak-American Fertilizer Limited) in Pakistan
These four Members have proven to be outstanding Experts in the field and their continuous commitment to support colleagues in the industry is admirable. All four will receive the unique CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION for their Valuable Contribution For Improving the Safety and Performance of the Urea Industry. The Certificate of Recognition will be given to anyone who has added more than 100 valuable contributions (posts) to our Round Tables.


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