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Nearly 50 years of expertise in flange joints and the desire to offer an optimal calculation and construction program.
We, Gerd Lannewehr and Peter Thomsen, got together in the middle of 2006 to create a user-friendly program for visualizing and documenting flange joints. For us, the aspect of visualization is particularly important, because it simplifies the reading of long columns of digits. The illustration of the system and its components should be perfectly to scale to ensure that any dimension errors are immediately noticeable. In addition to optimizing calculations, the program should feature a comprehensive database. We were continuously involved in the new construction and development of pipeline connections, making it only logical that we should also be able to use the program as a construction tool. Plus, to avoid the time-consuming search for material data, as well as the permitted temperature limits during use or the requirements stipulated by legislation, the program should also provide the necessary selection criteria. Our program is the sum of these ideas.
It can be used as a comprehensive database for flanges, gaskets, bolts and their material. The program calculates the joints in accordance with AD 2000 regulations, particularly showing the flange rotation or flange face angle. The necessary TRBS 2141 / 2152 certification can also be realized with this tool.
To help with construction, there is the option to test the drafted flange for accordance to regulations as needed for certification. In the future, testing will be possible according to DIN EN 1591. The CAD program can adopt the data, and later it will be possible to use this data to determine an FEM calculation.
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