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UreaKnowHow Urea Training Program & Urea Masterclass in June 2020 in Amsterdam will organise its by more than 1000 participants attended 5-Day Urea Training Program again from 1-5 June 2020 in Amsterdam. 
And directly following, we will organise the 3-Day Urea Masterclass from 8-10 June 2020 also in Amsterdam. The 3-Day Urea Masterclass is a unique follow up of the 5-Day Training Program and will apply in realistic cases the earlier lessons learned. It will take your urea knowledge to a deeper level by an active participation in intensive workshops. You will get minimum 5 Takeaways of each workshop to directly use in your plant.
If you join both programs you will receive 20% Discount. We also offer Group and Early Bird Discounts. So register now and assure your participation in these unique Training Programs! Click here for More Information and Registration Forms

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