UreaKnowHow.com will present at CRU’s Nitrogen+Syngas 2021 Virtual Conference

For 33 years, CRU’s Nitrogen + Syngas conference has provided an annual platform for the global industry to meet, network, and learn. Every year, 740+ producers, licensors, and materials and equipment providers attend to ensure they have knowledge, understanding and professional connections required to improve their production, maximise profitability, and maintain safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible operations.
In 2021, due to the pandemic, Nitrogen + Syngas will go ahead – as a virtual event. The tried and tested virtual platform allow CRU to deliver an interactive environment for all participants to meet, learn and network. The only virtual element of the conference is the venue – the conference still offers real insight, real networking, and real business opportunities.
UreaKnowHow.com will present a paper with the title: How to Improve Safety and Reliability of the High Pressure Synthesis Section of Urea Plants. The paper draws conclusions from a detailed analysis of the more than 130 serious incidents of the UreaKnowHow.com Urea Incident Database.
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