UreaKnowHow.com presents at AIChE Ammonia Safety 2021 Virtual Conference

A century of ammonia synthesis technology – with an emphasis on continual progress in ammonia plant safety – is the theme of AIChE’s 65th Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium on  – . Experts from around the world will discuss the latest advances related to the safe production and use of ammonia, case studies, and lessons learned. UreaKnowHow.com will present a paper with the title: The #1 Safeguard for Any Urea Plant. As of January 2021, UreaKnowHow.com has collected and analyzed more than 135 serious urea incidents. Based on this analysis, what is the most important, or the number one, safeguard, for any urea plant? It is the leak detection system for loose liners of the high-pressure equipment. In just two recent years (2018 and 2019), at least six serious incidents have occurred whereby the available leak detection system failed! It is really a miracle no casualties were involved. This paper explains why a proper leak detection system for loose liners of high-pressure equipment is crucial. This paper also explains why most existing systems are not acceptable anymore by illustrating their shortcomings in several incidents. The paper will conclude with how a modern state-of-the-art leak detection system, The #1 Safeguard for Any Urea Plant, should be designed. The goal of this paper is to convince urea plant owners to upgrade existing leak detection systems to state of the art standards and improve the safety and reliability level in our industry. For the video click here

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