UreaKnowHow.com welcomes VECOM as our Sponsor

VECOM are Global Expert in Chemical Cleaning.

In urea plants for example VECOM are the experts in cleaning of the Urea Stripper and Recirculation Heater.

The Vecom way – in practice: Our core value is: safe for people, the environment and metal. Our industrial customers benefit from more than 65 years of leading experience in metal surface treatment and can feel 100% assured of the correct treatment of their process installations. Clients of our customers often indicate that they would like to have their products and installations treated “The Vecom way”. The highest quality guaranteed for surface treatment The Vecom way also means that procedures have been laid down for our customers. This guarantees equal results with the same metal contamination. When a new procedure is required, it is tailor-made. Research into the metal alloy is done through a Metal Analyzer and into the contamination is done in the in-house laboratory of Vecom. If there is no suitable cleaning product on the market, we have it made on our own recipe, also in-house. This allows us to deliver the highest quality time and again without exception.

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