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A Revolutionary AgriTech Company

Focused on crop input technologies for the future of sustainable and regenerative agriculture, with the goal of contributing to global ESG initiatives.

  • Sulvaris has successfully developed and commercialized its leading enhanced efficiency Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®) with Nutrien, the largest global fertilizer producer and retailer.
  • Sulvaris is also currently developing its disruptive carbon technology platform, which is focused on carbon capture combined with a high-performance crop nutrient delivery mechanism aiming to provide farmers with superior crop yields, return on investment, and environmental stewardship.
  • Sulvaris has commercialised the technology to produce MAP+MST® with Nutrien being marketed as SmartNutritienTM

Urea + Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®is a proprietary patented technology that economically micronizes elemental sulphur to less than 10-micron average size. Click here to read more.

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