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Kapp is among the best and most innovative engineering agencies in the branch of heat transfer. The knowledge we have of the industry and its diversity allows us to go further than anyone else. Not only do we design and plan your heat transfer solution, we also take care of the total production, construction and maintenance of the installation. To do so, we have the best network of specialists and producers of components worldwide….

Every process starts with a problem – possibly yours. First we analyze your problem and then we get back to you with our version of your problem, together with the solution we have in mind. If you like our solution, we start playing with the details, we do our calculations, we incorporate the conditions you specify, and of course you want to know how much it will cost you. We make sure that you get exactly the construction company that you need, while we remain responsible. When the installation is ready for assembly in your factory, we supervise the complete implementation until the final tests have been performed.

Not only knowledge and experience but also reliable partners and providing a strong network ensures that we are always able to find a suitable solution. Kapp represents a handful of suppliers of heat exchangers, Kelvion PHE (formerly GEA Ecoflex) Kelvion Brazed PHE (formerly GEA WTT) Vahterus, HRS Heat Exchangers, Kelvion S.A.S. (formerly GEA Ergé Spirale) and Cepic, each manufacturer is specialized in a particular type of heat exchanger. Therefore we are flexible, and we can at least question the advantages and disadvantages of each type against each other. This way we ensure that you receive the most appropriate and efficient heat exchanger for your application.

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