UreaKnowHow.com welcomes GRANDPERSPECTIVE as our new Sponsor

We make visible the invisible hazard. Stepping back is essential to overview.

Remote monitoring provides maximum coverage day and night.

Broaden your view. Get the Grandperspective.

Grandperspective is a solution provider for industrial monitoring of gas leaks and gas detection, based in Berlin, Germany. We provide Early Warning Monitoring Solutions for the fertilizer, ammonia urea, and petrochemical industry.

Our team of experts designs innovative Remote Monitoring solutions, that combine of high-tech hardware and intelligent software. Our spectroscopic monitoring technology identifies, locates, and tracks moving gas clouds at up to 4 km distance to cover large terrains, on the ground and for the airspace above. We identify and quantify from large distances hundreds of hazardous gases, including: Ammonia, Natural Gas, Methanol, CO and N2O.

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