UreaKnowHow.com welcomes BALLESTRA as our new Solution Provider

Ballestra, born in January 1960 out of an idea that changed the world of detergents and surfactants, has grown to being international group based in Italy, Switzerland, and India and with about 400 highly skilled people.
Ballestra is the absolute leader in detergents, surfactants, and soap, but also one of the world’s leading players in inorganic acids and fertilizers.

Under a single roof, Ballestra gathers Elessent MECS’ technology for sulfuric acid, Prayon’ technology for phosphoric acid and a full portfolio of proprietary technologies for all grades of AN, ASN, CAN, CN, NPK, UAN, UAS, MAP, DAP, SSP, TSP, Potassium sulfate, methylene-urea, Hydrogen Fluoride from Fluorspar and Fluosilicic acid, and Reaction Technologies.
Including, of course, all applicable granulation and finishing technologies and the indispensable gas treatment technologies.

Very important for most, Ballestra has the unique ability to design and provide integrated multipurpose plants to grant maximum ability to address today’s always varying demand and opportunities.

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