UreaKnowHow.com Urea Training from 3-7 October 2016: Another Success

The training covered a wide range of topics from process, mechanical, operational, maintenance, thermodynamics, repair procedures, SHE, safety valves, CO2 compressors, revamp options, corrosion inspection techniques etc and was very interactive and numerous questions were discussed. New was the Urea Simulator Workshop on Wednesday afternoon organised by PROTOMATION with support of STAMICARBON…

Most of the participants took the opportunity to try out the simulator and tried to increase the plant load from 60 to 100% without letting the plant trip…although that was only possible with a sufficient focus and concentration. The PROTOMATION Urea Simulator proofed to give a very realistic view of a urea plant. Also part of the training was to learn some of the typical Dutch specialities like the Maatjes… Our next 5-Day Urea Training Engineers, Managers and Shift Supervisors is planned in 2018.

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