UreaKnowHow.com & Tech Safety Group join forces to improve Your Safety and Reliability

UreaKnowHow.com and Tech Safety Group (UKH-TSG JV) joint venture provide operational safety and reliability engineering expertise specifically to operators in the nitrogen fertiliser industry.
Our services include, but not limited to:
– Technical Safety and Risk Management,
– Process Safety Documentation compliance with EU and International regulators,
– Reliability, availability and maintainability studies,
– Revamp support for Ammonia and Urea technologies,

– Operation and Process support.

Key benefits of using our services:


Maintain your operational license

One of the common key requirements of EU Seveso III, UK HSE, OHSAS 18001 or national environmental legislation is to demonstrate that your company risks have been reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level. Your operational license depends on this commitment. We adopted a dedicated IT platform – Risk Track that will help you to provide a clear ALARP demonstration report to government regulators. It will also save significant time by cutting down the efforts required to prepare the approval documentation. Risk Track is coming with an integrated risk register developed specifically for the fertilizer industry and is free to use for all our clients.  

Identify and mitigate the risks specific to the fertilizer industry 

Safety studies that are developed by our Ammonia and Urea specialists will reduce the gap between already assessed Major Accident Hazards within your plant and those specific risks associated with fertilizer technologies to a minimum by using a systematic approach to identify and mitigate the Nitrogen Fertilizer technologies specific process risks.  

Clear Investment Strategy

As a company that operates for a number of years, with perhaps several revamps completed and others to come in the future, a complete Safety Case* will act as a “road map” pointing the management to investments that really counts in terms of securing plant operability and safety.  

Reduced insurance premium and risk profile

With a Safety Case* in place that demonstrate that your Company has a clear risk management system and make use of it in a daily basis, there will be a beneficial financial impact on insurance rates and bank’s risk profile for the company. Nowadays financial institutions use safety & risk engineers to evaluate industrial client’s risk profile based on safety documentation and daily operation.  

*Definition: A Safety Case is a structured argument, supported by evidence, intended to justify that a system is acceptably safe for a specific application in a specific operating environment.


Our Capabilities Statement

Risk Track Brochure

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