UreaKnowHow.com Presents Six Specific FIORDA Case Studies at the International Fertilizer Society 2019 in Brussels

On June 4 & 5, 2019, IFS organised its yearly Technical Conference, this year in Brussels. The conference was well attended by some 50+ participants from all over the world. On the first day just after the first break, Mark Brouwer presented “THE PRINCIPLES AND APPLICATIONS OF A DIRECTORY OF UREA SAFETY INCIDENTS, WITH CASE STUDIES”. 

The presentation and related paper highlight six specific case studies to show how FIORDA, as a directory of urea safety incidents, can help a urea producer to realise higher safety standards and reliability figures:…

  1. Safety risks of carbon steel ammonia pipelines in urea plants: More Attention Required.
  2. Safety risks during cleaning of prilling towers and granulators: Share for Safety.
  3. Risk Register of a 316L UG urea reactor: Learn Why, not just ‘What’.
  4. High conductivity in a falling film high pressure carbamate condenser: Shut Down the plant?
  5. Should a leak detection circuit be flushed with steam or condensate?
  6. Protect urea synthesis equipment from corrosion under insulation: A Company has no Memory!

These six specific case studies clearly show the added value of FIORDA. All ammonia and urea plants are welcome to join FIORDA and to contribute together to a more safe and reliable industry.

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