UreaKnowHow.com presents at Stamicarbon Symposium 2022

UreaKnowHow.com will present “How to Manage Leaks in Urea Plants” during the Stamicarbon Reconnect Symposium 2022 from 16-19 May 2022 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Leaks in the high-pressure synthesis section of a urea plant may lead to catastrophic consequences. UreaKnowHow.com collects incidents in an incident database and a surprising conclusion from this database is that most safety risks in a urea plant relate to a sudden release of a cloud of toxic ammonia. An early detection of a leak is important as a minor and small leak can easily be contained. But what to do after a leak has been detected? Can one retighten a flange connection, can a temporarily clamp solve the problem or does one need to shut down the plant? This presentation discusses why leaks in the high-pressure synthesis section of a urea plant are dangerous, what happens when there is a leak, what can be the consequences, are all leaks critical and what can be the prevention and mitigation measures? Click here for all info.

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