UreaKnowHow.com presents at CNFIA Conference in Erdos, China from July 15-18, 2015

HOFUNG/GGT will organize together with CNFIA and CHINACOAL GROUP a technology conference in ERDOS, Inner Mongolia during July 15~18, 2015. CNFIA (China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association) is the most influential industrial organization of Chinese Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry and all Chinese Nitrogen Fertilizer Companies are its member. In this technology conference, CNFIA will be the main organizer and Hofung/GGT and ChinaCoal will be the sponsors and co-organizers. The preliminary program will be:

July 15: Registration.

July 16: Technology about Ammonia and conversion.

July 17: Technology about Urea, final two hours will be workshop.

July 18: Visiting ChinaCoal Erdos Plant, where two running plants with capacity of 1660 MTPD ammonia and 2860MTPD granular urea each plant.
You are invited to join this conference ! You can register for the conference directly to Mr. Vincent Wang, HOFUNG/GGT (vincentwang@hofung-technology.com).
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