UreaKnowHow.com contributed to the 2017 AICHE Ammonia Safety Conference in Brooklyn

Last week during the AICHE Ammonia Safety Conference in Brooklyn, UreaKnowHow.com contributed to this important and reputable conference. Together with Tech Safety Group (www.techsafetygroup.com), a Technical Paper was prepared discussing the potential hazards involved in a 316L Urea Grade Urea Reactor. 
These potential hazards are listed in an Open Source Global Risk Register.
The Risk Register is a collection of possible risks that can occur in such a urea reactor and includes the related mitigation measures: 43 hazard risks are identified and 39 recommendations are defined. These recommendations are applicable in any phase of the life of such a reactor, starting in the design phase, via the fabrication phase, construction phase, operation, shut down and start up phase including its maintenance (for example which points to inspect in a urea reactor).
This list forms a perfect learning tool about why certain operating and maintenance procedures are done as they are done. So one learns Why… instead of only What …. Go to Risk Registers

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