UreaKnowHow.com adds Training Module CO2 Compressors

UreaKnowHow.com add a Module CO2 Compressors to its Training Program modules. This modules involves a compressor / turbine specialist and will discuss expensively the following aspects of CO2 compressors:…

Design Challenges covering supercritical CO2 compression challenges, design features and considerations, CO2 Compressor types focusing on Integrally Gear and Single shaft design highlighting its advantage and disadvantages, Maintenance covering Corrosion and reverse rotation as highlights, CO2 compressor driver turbine including condensing/vacuum system, Review of some Case studies on CO2 compressors, Lube oil system design, commissioning, start up, Commissioning, start-up and normal operation and required operational checking during the normal operation and finally Condition monitoring. Click here for more information.

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