Urea E-Library contains 400 technical urea documents

UreaKnowHow.com’s Urea E-Library contains now more than 400 technical urea documents. That Members appreciate this service is clear: 3970 times a document has been downloaded or as an average 10 times each document.

Most popular are UreaKnowHow.com’s monthly Technical Papers.
The top 3 are with
85 downloads: 2009 05 Shen SRIC UreaKnowHow.com Urea synthesis dynamic model Introduction
78 downloads: 2009 06 Brouwer UreaKnowHow.com Thermodynamics of the Urea Process
76 downloads: 2009 04 Brouwer UreaKnowHow.com Leak Detection Systems in Urea Plants

Besides UreaKnowHow.com’s Technical Papers the following documents were downloaded most often:
* 1992 Pagari, UCSA, patent 6274768 Revamp Urea process
* 1989 Meesen Stamicarbon, patent 4801745, Urea process
* 1989 Fuji TEC, patent 4864059, Urea process
* 1998 Pagani Montedison, patent 4758311, Corrosion stripper
* 2009 SPIE Brochure NC meter
* 2008 Chemaxx hypochlorite plus urea explosion
* 2007 IFC Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines for Nitrogenous Fertilizer Production
* 2004 IARC Formaldehyde Monographs volume 88
* Mr. Swamy, Consultant and Expert: Curriculum Vitae
* 2007 Baker The report of the BP U.S. Refineries independent safety review panel

Safety is a very important topic for our Members, which is where we will keep our priority.

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