UPDATED LINK for ALLEIMA Webinar on Wednesday 29 November Fertilizer Applications: Corrosion Resistant Material Selection

ALLEIMA are pleased to announce that they will hold a webinar on Wednesday 29 November, titled: Fertilizer Applications: Corrosion Resistant Material Selection.

This Webinar will focus on the Fertilizer industry and how Alleima supports applications with corrosion resistant materials to increase production capabilities. We will address multiple acidic processes for fertilizer production. With these processes, we will include information about the grades and products that Alleima can offer to support a quality result. This webinar will focus on detailing how Alleima understands the challenges of fertiliser production and how we are here to support industry needs and strive towards continuous improvement.


  • Alleima overview
  • Fertilizer market situation: Learn about the current condition in the Fertilizer Market and the changes in the industry. Understand the movement toward a greener production process
  • Acidic environments and recommended Alleima grades (Nitric, Phosphoric, Sulfuric, UREA/Ammonia)
  • Case studies: Discussed throughout the presentation

Tony Bugno – Technical Product Manager for Heat Exchanger and Fertilizer accounts in the North America region and Johan Salwén, Technical Marketing Specialist EMEA region will make the presentation jointly.


We look forward to some interesting participation and would welcome any members to join our webinar.

To find out more about our products, view the link to our website: Nitric acid tubes — Alleima

To register for the webinar, click the UPDATED LINK Fertilizer Applications: Corrosion Resistant Material Selection — Alleima

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