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 Videos /  mark.brouwer /  25 September 2019 /  6953 views

Safurex®, developed by Stamicarbon together with Sandvik, is a family of solutions that have become the standard for enhancing urea production due to its superior corrosion resistant properties.

Various parts in a urea plant require different material characteristics to ensure optimal performance.

Therefore, Stamicarbon added two more Safurex solutions: Safurex® Star and Safurex® Degree Safurex® Star is a super duplex steel designed for the most demanding equipment of a urea plant, such as the High-Pressure Stripper’s heat exchanger tubes.

Safurex® Degree is a super duplex steel that has an isotropic and fine-grained microstructure, which enhances mechanical properties at very low temperatures and improves corrosion resistance with respect to cross-cut end-attack.

The first High-Pressure Stripper made with Safurex® Star and Degree was manufactured by Schoeller-Bleckmann, the global market leader in high-precision components made of high-alloy steel.

This special High-Pressure Stripper was ordered by urea producer OCI Nitrogen, one of Europe’s market leaders in mineral fertilizers.

Safurex® extends the lifetime of your plant, reduces maintenance, and enhances optimization… giving you peace-of-mind.

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