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Boreal NH3 Safety in Nitrogen Operations

GPCA 2014 Presentation

Ammonia Terminals Risk Management Improvements

Use of Lasers to monitor emissions in the Fertilizer Industry

Boreal of Canada is a leading manufacturer and innovator of laser based gas detectors and analyzers. Working with many of the largest industrial users and best research organizations in the world, Boreal’s GasFinder technology has been proven in numerous safety, environmental and process control applications. Boreal products are robust, reliable and low maintenance and are often used in safety critical applications. With hundreds of installations in over 40 countries worldwide, Boreal is recognized as the industry leader in open path laser gas detection. 

* No consumables, no moving parts - minimal maintenance
* Dramatic reduction in operation and maintenance needs – saves money AND personnel
* Reliable un-attended performance in all climate conditions
* Gas specific - No False Alarms 
* Area coverage rather than individual points – more reliable leak detection 
* Faster response, no “memory” effects 
* Laser light not absorbed by water vapour - enables long paths to 500m 
* Broad dynamic range - superior low end sensitivity detects incipient leaks before they become dangerous 
Stack/process monitoring
* Optical absorption technique - direct measurement of gas, no chemistry kits 
* In-situ measurement removes extractive sample system effects
* Fast response time, no sample lag time - enables correlation of gas levels with process conditions 
* Fibre optic multiplexing – enables lower cost per measurement 
Applications in nitrogen fertilizer industry
Safety and Leak Detection
* Sour Gas production and processing (H2S/CO2) 
* Natural gas production and processing (CH4) 
* Natural gas pipelines and transportation (CH4)
* Nitrogen plants, fertilizer manufacture (NH3)
* Compressor and high pressure pumps (NH3)
* NH3 loading stations and shipments (NH3)
* Agricultural CH4 and NH3 emissions 
* Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction verification (CH4, CO2) 
* Stack monitoring of prilling tower and granulation section (NH3, urea dust) 
* Carbon Capture and Storage (CO2) 
* Facility fence line monitoring (NH3)
Contact (excl Europe):
Mr. John Selby
Boreal Inc.
12846 – 146 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5L 2H7
T: +1.780.488.5173
F: +1.780.488.0780
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For Europe:
Mr. Michael Sosef
Boreal Europe BV
Industrieweg 62
2645EJ Delfgauw
The Netherlands
T: +31 15 7502650
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.