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New 60,000 ton/year Melamine Complex for Eurotecnica

EUROTECNICA: Fourth Single-train 60,000 ton/year Melamine Complex Awarded

EUROTECNICA: Fifth Single-Train 60,000 ton/year Melamine Complex in a Row Awarded

Proman leads Series B funding round for Malta’s Long Duration Energy Storage System

Eurotecnica Contractors & Engineers S.p.A.

Eurotecnica is an international engineering and contracting company founded in 1962 active in the chemical, petrochemical, refining and solar fields. To date Eurotecnica has successfully carried out more than 130 projects, implemented all over the world for customers such as Methanol Holding Trinidad, Qatar Qafco, Petrochina, Gazpromneft, ENI Italy, Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy, NPC Iran, Henan Zhong Yuan Dahua, Sichuan Chemical Holding.


Eurotecnica is the world leader in licensing and implementing Melamine plants. Melamine is a chemical produced with direct synthesis from urea and represents a high added value derivative of urea. Global melamine market is in the range of 1,250,000 ton/year growing faster than GDP growth. Melamine applications are in the laminates, particleboards, dinnerware and fire-extinguishing foams.
Having implemented the remarkable number of 22 units worldwide, Eurotecnica is the world’s leading licensor, technology provider and contractor for the melamine production plants.
Eurotecnica’s high-pressure non-catalytic melamine process is regarded as being the Best Available Technology, therefore chosen by the world top companies such as Qatar Qafco, Petrochina, Methanol Holding Trinidad, NPC Iran and many others.

In fact Eurotecnica’s process grants the following advantages:
* Full and efficient integration with upstream urea plants. This unique feature results in a net urea consumption of 1.43 ton per ton of melamine.
* Low utilities consumption and production costs.
* Melamine product is always top quality, from the very first kilogram produced, continuously for as many as 810 days, 24 hours a day, without the need to stop the melamine reactor (record at NPC Khorasan Petrochemical Company melamine unit in Iran).
* High reliability and long life cycle because ETCE Melamine plants are designed according to top engineering practice and implemented with top materials selection.
* ETCE Melamine plants are pollution-free because there are no solid, liquid, gaseous wastes.

With already three 60,000 MTPY single-line melamine plants Eurotecnica’s market share to 70% of the high-pressure world’s installed capacity.

Other technologies

Another important asset in Eurotecnica technologies portfolio is the Carbon Black production process. In this field Eurotecnica is the only reputed independent licensor having implemented, across the years, modern world-scale plants in the Middle East.
Other technologies available are Neopentylglycol (NPG), Trimethylolpropane (TMP), Pentaerythritol, Paraformaldehyde, Phthalic Anhydride; all proven and implemented through commercial plants in China, Korea, Italy and Iran.

Eurotecnica is also a qualified contractor by UOP LLC (USA), the notable licensor in the refining, petrochemical and aromatics sectors. On the basis of UOP technologies Eurotecnica has been committed as EP contractor for large Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) units in Italy and China, Paraxylene units and CCR Platforming in Russia.

Several years ago, Eurotecnica has created a new business line, named Eurotecnica Solar, active in the engineering and implementation of Thermal Energy Storage systems at Concentrated Solar Power stations premises. This renewable energy sector is very promising in countries belonging to the so-called sun belt, such as Spain. Eurotecnica TES system for the 50MW solar power station Andasol 3 in Andalusia is successfully in operation since 2011. This innovative green technology can produce 100 bar steam and/or power to Greenify your fertilizer  production site.


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