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ANWIL will built a 1500 TPD New Ammonium Nitrate Granulation Plant with CEAMAG Process.

CEAMAG MUG Dryer Technology

CEAMAG Amnit Ammonium Nitrate Solution Process Technology

CEAMAG is an independent Process Engineering Company based in Trappes, the South-West suburb of Paris. The Company was founded in 1998 by a Group of Engineering Experts, all of them having years of experience in projects management and technologies for the Fertilizers Industry.
Through the experience of its Experts and Partners, CEAMAG offers processes and customized technological solutions for new plants or revamping projects for the production of Nitrogen based Fertilizers and Phosphate based Fertilizers. It concerns the following products:

* Ammonia
* Urea
* Nitric Acid
* Ammonium Nitrate, CAN, CAS
* Phosphorid Acid
* MAP and DAP

CEAMAG activities focus on the core of its business: the Process Engineering and Project Management services for the Fertilizers production plants projects. Through exclusive agreements with Partners, CEAMAG can build up task forces for Turn-Key projects.
As an independent Company, CEAMAG can team-up with foreign partners in order to bring appropriate contracts and financing schemes. The turnover and number of personnel are growing rapidly as a consequence of significant increase of successful references. Majority of shares are in the hands of employees insuring a good stability of the staff and preservation of in-house Know-How.


Mr. Gerard Malard
Managing Director

Zone d'activités de Pissaloup
rue Edouard Branly
78190 Trappes – France

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