Urea Case 2: Leak in Nozzle in Urea Reactor bottom

Urea Case 3: Failing active pressurized leak detection systemNEW

Urea Case 4: Backflow in Pressurized Leak Detection SystemNEW

Urea Case 5: Not working passive Leak Detection System leads to serious corrosion of carbon steel wallNEW

FIORDA: Fertilizer Industry Operational Risk Database

FIORDA is the Fertilizer Industry Operational Risk Database, a database for fertilizer manufacturers developed by an independent group of engineers and members of AmmoniaKnowHow.com and UreaKnowHow.com.

FIORDA mission is to improve safety and reliability performance of fertilizer plants by collecting and exchanging process safety data among the participating companies and acting as focal point for co-ordination and management of process safety data collection within the fertilizer industry.

FIORDA has developed a structured database extracting data from process safety incidents, lesson learned, members projects experience covering a variety of geographic areas, plants, equipment types and operating conditions.

The FIORDA data are stored in a database available for our member companies and contractors working on their behalf. (Specialised FIORDA software has been developed to collect, retrieve and analyse the information.).

Find here already some Urea Cases as examples.

Urea Case 1: Leak in Weld Overlay in Urea Reactor bottom (PDF file)