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UreaKnowHow Revamp Guide HE-trays V0


Round Table discussion

Urea Reactor High Efficiency trays target to increase the urea conversion in the reactor.
A higher urea conversion can be translated into a higher plant capacity (in case there are no other bottlenecks) and/or a lower energy consumption. Typical pay back times are less than 1 year.
Important is how to evaluate the performance of High Efficiency trays. High Efficiency trays claim to increase the urea conversion in the reactor. But to measure the effect of High Efficiency trays on the CO2 conversion is not so easy as CO2 conversion depends also on several other factors. For example N/C and H/C ratio and total and inert pressure all also influence the urea conversion. Thus, when evaluating the performance of High Efficiency trays, one should target to keep all these parameters constant.

One can imagine that the more time is available to reach equilibrium of the urea formation reaction, the less impact High Efficiency trays will be able to have. Thus one can expect more benefits of High Efficiency trays in plants which operate at higher plant loads than these were designed for.

Find more information at the UreaKnowHow Revamp Guide High Efficiency Trays v0

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