For the seventh time did organize the Pre-Conference Urea Clinic during the CRU Nitrogen & Syngas Conference, this time on 27 February 2017 in London. The theme of this year was: “TODAY’S NAME OF THE GAME: IMPROVE YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE” Today’s urea prices have not been so low during the last decade. Urea producers need to improve their competitive advantage by Reducing Operational Expenditures, Increasing Added Value to their products and/or Increasing On Stream Times in order to compete and survive against competition. The major urea melt and granulation licensors CASALE, GGT, NIIK, SAIPEM and STAMICARBON present their latest innovations and revamp technologies providing together a complete and valuable overview of the latest revamp technologies available in the market. We will distribute the presentations to all Members of did present the UREAKNOWHOW.COM TOP 10 REVAMP TOOLS: The ten most interesting and most economical revamp technologies available today. Click here for the complete report.