At a new Urea Fertilizer production plant 3.800 t/d screened Urea granulate will be produced by four RHE-WUM Multiple Deck Screens (MDS) Type 2000x2800/11(3x3). The type of machines – MDS Multi-Deck Screen – was chosen due to the good experiences with such machines at a Urea granulation plant of YARA at Sluiskil/Netherlands. At this plant elaborate production tests were done. These tests show that a pureness of 90% can be achieved without efforts. Tests also show that the yield will be at 90%, which is higher than required by the customer. The scale up of the test results show that minimum dimensions of the screen chosen have to be 2.400 mm width at a length of 2.800 mm with three technological units to ensure process quality and process capacity of 100 t/h. So choice was made to supply a MDS 2400x2800/11 (3x3).