National Fertilizers Limited, a Government of India Undertaking, formed in the year 1974, has recently completed more than 40 years of service of farming community by supplying quality fertilizer. NFL has four Units located at Nangal and Bathinda (Punjab), Panipat (Haryana) and Vijaipur (Madhya Pradesh) with its Corporate Office at Noida.
Environment policy of NFL has been formulated for conservation and up gradation of environment. NFL is committed to achieve pollution free environment and balanced ecology by adopting Environment Management System (EMS).
A coordinated approach comprising of an effective utilization of available asset, development of Biohydrolizer regular laboratory analysis assisted by advanced continuous treatment. This exercise has proven reliability and sustainability of the system. The NFL exercise is valuable for new development at lower cost and no running cost and no chemical required for treatment. The main objective was to reduce urea content in treated water to less than 1 ppm so that it can be used as any service requirements.