Stamicarbon is a reputed licensor for the urea process. Stamicarbon licenses the whole range of finishing technologies: prilling, granulation and pelletizing. The fluid bed granulation technique results in better quality product because the granule is built up layer by layer. Before a new layer of liquid melt is applied on the particle, the particle is completely solidified. The granulation system was developed in a commercial plant in Belarus. Today, a plant is running with a capacity of 2,250 tpd. Due to the film spraying nozzle, the process results in a product with excellent quality. Considerable savings compared to other processes can be achieved due to a reduced formaldehyde content of the final product. The filming characteristics of the nozzle of the Stamicarbon process results in low dust formation. Due to the low dust formation the plant can be operated during 2 or 3 months without interruption.