In July 2007 UREA CASALE (UCSA) and Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAFCO) signed a Contract for the revamping of the Total Recycle urea plant (Toyo technology) located in Mesaieed (Qatar).

The original capacity of QAFCO Urea plant No1 was 1,000 MTD; the plant used to run, before revamping, at the overall capacity of about 1,320 MTD.

The scope of the project was to integrate the existing urea plant with a 60,000 T/y melamine plant designed with Eurotecnica technology. The revamping was aimed at increasing the urea synthesis capacity up to 1,610 MTD (about +30%). The increase in

plant capacity was achieved by utilizing the recycle Carbamate from the Melamine plant. 

Beside the Melamine integration, the other major objective of the Urea-1 revamp project was environmental improvement to eliminate the ammonia and urea emissions from the Urea-1 plant to the sea.