2011 Roes Stac AFA 10 Years of Safurex Experiences in Stamicarbon Urea Plants


1) Up to date no active corrosion is found on Safurex® material.

2) Up to date no repairs were necessary on Safurex® in Stamicarbon Urea plants.

3) Passive corrosion on liners and overlay welds for all Safurex® parts in Urea Reactor, HPCC, HP Scrubber, HP Stripper, Poolreactor en Poolcondenser cannot be measured after max. of 7 years effective on stream time. Corrosion resistance has improved compared to BC.01 / BC.05 material quality.

4) No Safurex® HP Carbamate condensers have been found with S.C.C.

5) Passive corrosion in Safurex® HP Stripper heat exchanger tubes is normal and comparable with the corrosion rate found in BC.05 heat exchanger tubes in HP Strippers.

6) Lower OPEX costs resulting from less inspections and/or increased inspection intervals. Also less repairs are expected, so far even none.

7) Safurex ® did meet al the goals set for this material quality