More than five decades of experience have made BHDT well known all over the world as a reliable manufacturer of high pressure valves (angle, globe, check, safety, analyzer, sample and control valves), all kind of fittings (tees, elbows, reducer, nipple, threaded flange, weld neck flange, weldolet, etc.) and prefabricated high pressure pipeline isometrics (spools) especially for Urea and Ammonia plants.
Special know-how in the field of material science (Austenitic stainless steel 316L Urea Grade and 25Cr-22Ni-2Mo, Duplex and Superduplex including Safurex) for manufacturing of Fertilizer products in cooperation with all major licensors such as Stamicarbon, Saipem, TEC, KBR and Urea Casale assures high quality products.
Valves and fittings are made exclusively of forged material. The exact knowledge of process technologies guarantees optimum function and long service life of our products.
All connections can be produced to conform to all international standards including ANSI B 16.5, 1500#-2500#, DIN, IG, as well as customer standards. We also offer all kinds of actuators (gear, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic).
BHDT strength is delivering Best Quality products together with a long term experience with successful applications in urea plants.